Monday, June 03, 2013

An odd week

It was an odd week.  At work we learned that a co-worker was found dead in his house.  He's been dead for a couple of days before they found him.  This bothered me a lot.  It bothered me because where I grew up, it would be rare for someone to be dead in their own home for a few days and no one knowing.  But in the US this would not be uncommon as people live alone, no family to check on them daily.  So it's that isolation that bothers me.  So many people around, yet we are alone.
Then just as I came home from attending a memorial service for my co-worker, I learned from an email that another dear friend from folkdancing has passed away as well.  A sweet, energetic 94 year old lady named Alice.  Alice amazed me what she did at her age.  Danced every day.  A few years ago, after she lost her husband, and her own health was deteriorating she moved to Nevada to be close to family.  At that time, she gave away hundreds of costumes she accumulated over the years, to her folkdancing friends.  I have about a handful of them myself.
My fondest memory of Alice is dancing with her at a lawn behind the Scottsdale library for some type of event.  I had a very limited knowledge of folkdancing at the time, and desperately tried to follow her dancing Ali Pasha, a Turkish dance.  Her friends here in Phoenix will dance this Tuesday night in her memory, and I am going to try to attend if I can get the night off from work.
Sooo...anyway, just an odd week.

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Crazy About Ukraine said...

Sorry to hear about that, Vesna.