Monday, February 03, 2014

Thimbles up!

Thumbs or thimbles up to making some progress.  Last Friday, my day off I finished two bags.  You may think, why not more?  I am not sure how to admit this to you and myself, but I get frequently distracted, and I walk away from my projects to assist someone else, be that a child, a husband, a dad, a call from a friend or a relative.  I wished I could be a bit different, and ignore all distractions, and that's what I am working on to achieve.  Focus, and ignore the rest for a short while.
I decided to use a larger pattern from some wallets I made some time ago.  I also decided to use kitchen linens, instead of store bought fabric.  I have a box of kitchen linens, that came from an estate sale of a retirement home.  There is a dozen Australian themed linens, from someone's travels to Australia.  This is what I like about vintage fabrics.  I like to think about and imagine the person that owned it, what were they like, what were they doing with the linens, fabrics.  Did they buy it, or did they get it as a gift?  What was the occasion?  I am not sure why these thoughts bring me inspiration and comfort, and it helps me focus.  I guess it doesn't matter, as long as I enjoy the experience.