Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stitch, paper, scissors

I can't really explain my addiction to sewing on paper.  I am in total ecstasy every time the needle pokes the paper, the clear, crisp sound....poke, poke, poke.  So I armed myself with some Christmas stamps that I got on sale, a big box of blank cards with envelopes from Staples, and me and my machine are hanging out tonight.

Typically Worf, our dog, is near by, but tonight he is keeping my bed warm.  But Mulder's ashes are on the shelf above me keeping me company.
Anyways, I am in love with sewing on paper, and here are some Christmas cards I've been working on.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The real imaginary uncle E

A few months ago I noticed that my kids, ages 3 and 4, are really into The Eels.  I love The Eels myself, and David and I saw them several years ago in Phoenix at the Marquee.
What's funny about my kids liking The Eels is that they call E, Uncle E.  They really believe this man is their uncle.  And they are pretty serious about it.  They have asked me several times, while driving, that they want to go to uncle E's house.  I usually respond with: uncle E's working now.  And he probably is.
The minute we get in the car, Maggie has her song request: mom, play 'Hey Man'.  And she sings and scrams with 'her uncle E'.
"Hey Man"

Once she is done, Patrick asks: mom, play 'The Carrot Song'.  I bet E himself didn't know he's got a 'carrot song', but 'Last Stop This Town' is what Patrick means.  The video has a carrot in it, and to my kids this is 'The Carrot Song'
Last Stop This Town

Maybe, if we ever have a chance to meet this uncle E, we'll ask him out for ice cream.  Thank you E, for making my kids happy.  And maybe you don't have grandchildren yet, but hey, you do have a niece and a nephew that you didn't really know about.