Monday, November 21, 2011

Getting Famous!

I feel 'semi' famous, not that I am famous at all.  Several months ago I submitted two aprons and a necklace that I crocheted to a publication called Belle Armoire.  I know they received it because I sent them a check for return postage and they cashed it.  But I didn't hear back from them.  On their 'call for artists' it did say that it may take up to 9 months, and although a person may submit for one thing, their items may be better suited for something else etc.
I pretty much lost hope when I received a 'special offer' for a discount to their winter issue of Belle Armoire.  But I still opened the email and was curious to see their preview and see who they selected.  And to my surprise, in the limited preview artist they had, one of them is ME.  Here is a link.

And here is a photo.

I am not sure if the other apron and my necklace made it.  I will just have to wait when it's out on the newstand.

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