Monday, November 21, 2011

Ostrich Farm

This past weekend my dad was in town.  He is thinking about moving to Arizona and wanted to take a look at Tucson.  So him, the kids and I went to Tucson last Friday.  There is an Ostrich Farm half way between Tucson and Phoenix and everyone that visits us gets to go.  For some reason my dad has never been, even though he is our most frequent visitor.

There is more than ostriches at this farm.  There is dear, burros, goats and lorikeets.  Your entry fee includes a cup of feed for all the big animals, and a tiny cup with some nectar for the lorikeets.

I love when all the lorikeets flock on to your body, arms, sholders, head...covered in birds.  I love birds!
Well, perhaps I don't love ostriches the same way I love other loving birds.  Ostriches are mean, and they can bite.
There were some old hubcaps with a handle that the kids can spin, and I loved their reflections on the shiny metal.
The next day we dropped my dad at the airport and picked up my friend Joanna aka Jovanka, and went to a Macedonian Folk dancy party/church event/fund raiser.  There was live folk music - always the best time when there is live music - and we danced, the kids danced.  And I was reminded how much I miss having Thursday nights off so I can go folk dancing here in Phoenix.  I was also reminded of how limited the 'ethnic folk dancing' scene is here in Phoenix.  I wished I was in LA, or NYC for some good times and dancing.

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