Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What are you thankfulf for?

In our house we don't really celebrate Thanksgiving.  When people ask me if we are going to have family over for Thanksgiving, I say NO.  Then I feel like my answer may have been rude.  It's probably just me and no one else cares whether or not I will have family over, or celebrate it in any special way.
Here are some reasons that Thanksgiving in our house is not much different than any other day:
1.  I didn't grow up in the US, and I can count on one hand the times I actually got to experience a Thanksgiving dinner/gathering.  Those were the times when I was an exchange student and I have fond memories.
2.  I married an American who is a vegetarian.  Cooking a turkey is not really an option.  The second year I lived in Arizona I remember cooking a vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner.  I think my mother in law, Helen, was visiting and I also think my very good friend and a co-worker at the time Kelly, who is also a vegetarian, came over.  I used a wonderful guide, a cookbook called Vegetarian Celebrations.
3.  In the past 8 years I've always had to work on Thanksgiving.

I like to experience Thanksgiving (and probably all holidays) in more spiritual way.  And having a day to give thanks is a good idea.  Don't you think?  There are so many things in our lives to be thankful for.  If you start writing it down you may be surprised.  What are your top three reasons you are thankful for:

In the country I was born and raised, Macedonia, there is no Thanksgiving, but we do have a holiday for forgiveness.  On this 'forgiveness day', you ought to go to anyone who you think you have wronged in the days of the year past, and ask for their forgiveness.  I think this is a good idea too.

I am going to bring these two together, give thanks and ask forgiveness, and have that be my Thanks and Forgiveness Day.

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