Saturday, November 22, 2014

A happy me, holding a copy of the newest issue of SEW Somerset, where I contributed some art work, and a real snail mail letter from a friend, which is a little piece of artwork itself.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I've been busy in the last few weeks.  But I always manage to find some time to create.  
Ever since I learned to needlefelt, I've been practicing the craft by making miniature cacti.  These are in tiny pots ranging from 1/2 " to 1 1/2".  The 1/2" are my favorites.  They are soo cute!!
(1/2" pot)

(1 1/2" pot)

A week ago I also took a card making class.  My friend and local artist/designer Josie was teaching it.  It was fun.  As a result I ended up purchasing a box of 12 Memento inks.  Yummy colors that I have been using and will post my work here soon.  Below are the samples I made in class.

And then there is always room for washi tape obsession.  I've been making washi tape Christmas trees and then using them to collage greeting cards.  I made about a dozen and decided to stop at the Vision Gallery in downtown Chandler to check if they want them.  And they took all of them.  They even took a dozen or more cards I made creating fancy dresses so I had to take them all down from my Etsy shop.  

I feel excited and decided that more mess needs to be made on my work table!