Friday, October 09, 2015

Mexico City

Note: My apologies for being away from blogging for some time.  A few changes life and work wise have taken up time away from this.  All good stuff.  The post below about Mexico City is a trip I took in early September.


When I was younger and didn't have kids, I didn't need to be asked twice to go someplace on a whim.  As a mom even when I know my kids will be safe staying with relatives, it's hard for me to commit to go someplace without kids.  
My husband had some airline credit, and was itching to use it.  So Mexico City it was.
It was a short, 4 day trip, but enough to see a few 'must see attractions'.

We rented a car and set to go to Teotihuacan on the second day, only to get very lost.  So we ended up going on these 'embarcaderos', where you can buy such things as beer and food from other boats, and even get a whole mariachi bend to come aboard and sing you a song.  We were happy to just observe others doing that.  I already had a bottle of  Dos X before I even boarded the 'embarcadero'.  

The third day we got up early, before the sun came out.  We set our GPS and drove up to Teotihuacan.  The gates were closed when we got there, so we waited.  We were the first ones to get in, and the pyramid was glowing in the morning sun.  

As soon as we got in, we climbed up the Pyramid of the Sun.  There were only a handful of people that early.  When we reached the top, I stood there feeling big and small all at once.  The quietness of the morning and the absence of hoards of people was bringing the place alive thousand years back.  

We stayed at the top for almost an hour.  David was taking pictures.  I just sat, meditating, feeling the air, listening to the quietness.  Then people started coming, and we started climbing down.  We walked the avenue down to the other pyramid and by then there were hundreds of people.  And a handful of hot air balloons.

We drove back to the hotel that afternoon, rested and went exploring the neighborhood.  The hotel was in an old part of town, and only a few blocks down we stumbled across a park stretching an entire block.  At one end there was a big tent, loud music, people in their finest clothes dancing away.  The other end of the park, under big trees, an older generation of people, also in their finest, and dancing.  I've never seen so many good dancers in one place.  The event had an air of casualness as couples joined in for a dance or two, and then walked away going about their business.

A few noticed my curiousness and excitement and let me take their picture with my cell phone.  No one else was walking around taking pictures with their phone.  

Just on the other side of the park there was a public library.  It had several courtyards and a few art exhibits.  I was intrigued by a few statues that were inside one of the library buildings.  I couldn't understand their significance.  I was wishing that I spoke better Spanish. day when my life slows down a little bit, I can make art and study foreign languages.