Thursday, December 18, 2014

So she wanted boots.  When I asked why, she said because it's winter.  I pointed out to her that we don't get snow here in Phoenix, but that did not matter.  So I got her a pair of pink boots.  She's been wearing them constantly

And it is winter....why else will anyone be making gingerbread houses.

Friday, December 05, 2014

It was a day off from work for me today and after dropping the kids off at school, David and I went for a bike ride on one of the many bike trails our city has to offer. 
From the trail...
a greenbelt.

A solar farm.

A water canal.

We had to cross railroad tracks to continue the trail.

And then we were in downtown Gilbert, the neighboring city.

So we took a break downtown.

And then we headed back.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

A happy me, holding a copy of the newest issue of SEW Somerset, where I contributed some art work, and a real snail mail letter from a friend, which is a little piece of artwork itself.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I've been busy in the last few weeks.  But I always manage to find some time to create.  
Ever since I learned to needlefelt, I've been practicing the craft by making miniature cacti.  These are in tiny pots ranging from 1/2 " to 1 1/2".  The 1/2" are my favorites.  They are soo cute!!
(1/2" pot)

(1 1/2" pot)

A week ago I also took a card making class.  My friend and local artist/designer Josie was teaching it.  It was fun.  As a result I ended up purchasing a box of 12 Memento inks.  Yummy colors that I have been using and will post my work here soon.  Below are the samples I made in class.

And then there is always room for washi tape obsession.  I've been making washi tape Christmas trees and then using them to collage greeting cards.  I made about a dozen and decided to stop at the Vision Gallery in downtown Chandler to check if they want them.  And they took all of them.  They even took a dozen or more cards I made creating fancy dresses so I had to take them all down from my Etsy shop.  

I feel excited and decided that more mess needs to be made on my work table!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

We went to a birthday party

In the early day of motherhood, I was frustrated because I didn't know any other families nearby with kids that my kids can play with.  I tried to compare with my childhood, where all I needed is to step out and not only there was always kids outside, but they were the same kids that I called and still call friends.
In the early day of motherhood, I didn't realize that all I needed is some time and patience.  Time back then seemed to drag.  I was constantly tired and almost never got enough sleep.  But now that both of my kids are of school age, there is always invitations to birthday parties and school functions, that not only has helped my kids made friends, but it has helped me in getting to know other parents.  
So in the last year or two, I find myself at birthday parties, seeing the same kids, the same parents.
It's a good thing.  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ready for Halloween

And we are ready for Halloween, except for the costumes.  We haven't decided on the costumes yet.
And also, the pumpkin on the left got all molded, so we no longer have that one (it was my daughters).  And I am sure that by Halloween my son's pumpkin will be molded as well.
Luckily we have a couple of fake ones, along with fake brains, ears, fingers, skulls, grave stones.....just some of the things around the house.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


A needlefelted cactus garden is growing in my house.  These are so fun to make.  Except, I can no longer find the miniature pots I used here.  I can find smaller, or bigger, but not the same size (1.25" or 3cm).

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I am beginning to think that in order to accomplish everything I want in a day, I need the day to have 10 extra hours.  I am sure many understand this.
In the last week, I took two crafty workshop, and one dance workshop.  The dance workshop was last night, hosted by Phoenix International Folk Dancers.  They had a guest teacher from Bulgaria.  It has been over a year since I've gone.  Last time I went, the kids were with me and they weren't on their best behavior, and I had to leave.  I felt embarrassed and it has taken me this long to show up again.  But I had fun last night dancing, and seeing my old friends.

Last Thursday I took a workshop taught by one of my friends, a local crafter.  She taught contact sheet transfers, and these are the results.

And then on Saturday I took a needle felting workshop, and I made a gnome and a lamb.  I love lamby, he is small and soft and very kissable.

Saturday, October 04, 2014


Ever since I stumbled upon a piece of Mexican Loteria game, I've been obsessed with the images.  And off course I am extra lucky to live a mile from a Rancho Market - a Hispanic Grocery store that has these game boards, complete with some 20 tables and a deck of cards for less than $5.  
I messed around the other night with cutting up the images and trying to figure out what to do with them.  And since one of the local stores where I sell some of my work asked for more cards, I ended up making cards. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I can't say that I've worked a whole lot more than my usual 40hrs, but each day has been busy from start to finish with trying to help stranded people on the west coast of Mexico after hurricane Odille hit about 10 days ago.  Busy days like that, leave me tired and want to stay away from the computer.  So I haven't blogged a whole lot.

I can't say that I've made a whole lot things either.  Two weeks ago an accidental encounter with a friend inspired me to make cards.  It was probably time to take out a pad of pretty paper I got on sale a year ago.  
And a letter that I received in the mail from another friend, inspired me to write and send a handful of my own.
I started adding the dress cards on Etsy.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Crafty Chica

There is a successful crafter in my city, a talented lady that I'd like to call a friend, or at the very least I can say that I know her and she knows me.  Her name is Kathy, aka Crafty Chica.  She has a new product line and she's recently made appearances at various Michaels stores in Arizona, Nevada, California (and Texas I think) to promote her products.
I visited with her when she was at my local Michael's store.  I bought some pretty papers she had, as well as iron-ons sugar skull and more.  I used the paper and made a couple of ACEOs with it.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014


On my trip to Portland a couple of weeks ago, I picked up a sheet of Loteria table with great images.  Ghost, devils, know....the colorful Dia de Los Muertos images.  A few days ago, after a coat of paint over some matchboxes, the little images on the sheet I had were perfect fit to go over the little boxes.  

So I asked my dear friend and co-worker, who is from Mexico if the Hispanic grocery stores carry them.  And they do.  There are three Rancho Market stores within a mile from my house.  Yes!!  I will be looking for more Tablas de Loteria.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


I don't frequently do things that are out of my comfort zone.  So I thought it was time to do something like that.  I enjoy travel.  Road trips are high on my list of things I like to do.  And I work for an airline, but I don't travel by air too often.  Part of it is that once I get to another city by air I don't like trying to figure my way around and the possibility of getting lost.  It's out of my comfort zone.  
When we travel by air, I let my husband do all the figuring out once we are at our destination.  I've never been to a city by myself, with no wheels.  And that is exactly what I did last Friday.  
I flew to Portland.
By myself!!

I sort of had an idea in mind of what I was going to do, so even though I went by myself, I had a plan.  I heard of this very cool mixed media art store and I though I'd visit it.  It's called Collage.

On my way to it, off course I got lost.  I took the bus in the opposite direction.  I took me few stations to realize, but I kept calm, got off the bus and turned around.

I also stumbled upon this inviting yarn shop.  They had nice woolen yarn, so thick, I am not sure what size needles you'd have to use to knit or crochet something.  And also one skein of it was $80.  It looked very cozy.

These flowers were growing wild on the side of the road.

And these flamingos looked great in someone's yard.

I never thought of strawberries growing in a pot.  But what a great idea.  I wonder if they'd grow in Arizona.  If I'd be able to keep them alive.

This pet bicycle caught my interested.  I've never seen anything like this in Arizona.

I ate lunch here.

A yummy grilled cheese sandwich, with lavender flavored goat cheese.

And I am not sure what this was.  A community kid clothes donation??

A community book/library cabinet, covered with stickers.

As I rode the bus, I saw a big park and I got off to enjoy it.  It had a "reading room" with a couple of library book shelves with books and magazines to read.

I crafted in the park.

I bought some hankies, and made a curtain when I came back home.

And something I saw at one of the stores, inspired me to fill in the bezel of this hat pin with some embroidery.