Sunday, October 26, 2014

We went to a birthday party

In the early day of motherhood, I was frustrated because I didn't know any other families nearby with kids that my kids can play with.  I tried to compare with my childhood, where all I needed is to step out and not only there was always kids outside, but they were the same kids that I called and still call friends.
In the early day of motherhood, I didn't realize that all I needed is some time and patience.  Time back then seemed to drag.  I was constantly tired and almost never got enough sleep.  But now that both of my kids are of school age, there is always invitations to birthday parties and school functions, that not only has helped my kids made friends, but it has helped me in getting to know other parents.  
So in the last year or two, I find myself at birthday parties, seeing the same kids, the same parents.
It's a good thing.  

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