Sunday, June 09, 2013

Embroidery inspiration

Yesterday I was inspired to do some embroidery by a post a saw on Etsy How to Tuesdays.  And with Father's Day approaching I needed to make something quick for my husband. 
And so I made a little badge.
And although inspiration for me can come from many places, I think I always end up being influenced by experiences in my life.  I don't always realize this until I am well into the project, or I am done.  So after I finished the father's day badge, I couldn't help myself and started another one.  I was embroidering poppies.  Poppies under the stars.

I didn't think much of poppies until recently when I realized that as a young child they used to bring me peace.  I used to watch a field of poppies making waves under the wind from the fourth floor of an apartment where I grew up.  I learned that the field is not there anymore.  It made me a little sad to learn this.  But they still grow wild elsewhere in Macedonia.  A friend that I grew up with shared this picture taken by the river Vardar that runs through the capitol.

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