Friday, June 28, 2013

A hot Friday

The occasional tiredness I experience is also a result of allergies I have developed in the last few years.  Today I got the results from the allergy testing I did over the last month.  And it appears that no matter the season, there is something always blooming that I have severe allergies to.
Between January and June it's the trees that bloom around here (such as Arizona Ash, White Mulberry, Cottonwood, Mesquite, Juniper, Elm, Oak, Sycamore, Ecualyptus).
Between June to December it's the weeds (such as Desert Ragweed, Kochia, Marsh Elder, Common Sage, Lambs Quarter, Russian Thistle).
And then indoor are the dust mites, the trillions of them that live in the furniture and matress that feed off the dead skin we shed.
So there are some things that I can be more mindful about to keep myself less exposed to these 'enemies'.  Besides that, I can undergo an allergy treatment which require time and money, and this is the part that I have to decide if I should or can do.

The good news, well I can be plagued with something worse, but I am not.

It's going to be very hot today, 118 F, I am going to hide inside, hang out with my kids and make some art with them.  I started finishing some of the prints I made during my gelli printing workshop last week.  It's a good day to finish up some stuff.  Here is a quick look:


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