Monday, May 27, 2013


There was a time when moving to LA would not even be a choice I consider.  But the more we visit the city the more I like it.  Off course, I realize to visit and to live in LA are two different things.  If the opportunity to move there comes along, I still have to consider a few things: a good neighborhood, one that I can afford to live in, with a good public school for my kids, and with a relatively good commute to the airport so I can go to work.  Is that a lot to ask?

The last few times we went to LA the kids always ask to go to the beach.  They love the beach.  I never thought much about the beach, but I love the beach too.  Growing up in Eastern Europe we went to Greece almost every year.  So the beach experience is not new to me, I just never realized that I missed it in all the 17 years living in the US.

So this past weekend when I had an opportunity to go to LA with my husband, I didn't think twice. In addition to spending time at the beach with the kids, I also got to see my college friend Isabel, who has never met my kids before.  And since the job my husband had was close to the fashion district I found myself walking though this row of street market where pinatas, Hispanic foods and candy were everywhere.  Walking along, holding a kid in each hand, I fit right in.  After all, I grew up in a developing country, where the atmosphere, street vendors, street food and all that goes along with it, is a common thing.

So who knows, maybe I will end up in LA one day.

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