Monday, May 20, 2013


It's on a day like today when a tornado wipes a town in Oklahoma and many die, children included, that I squeeze my kids a little tighter, I hold them a little longer and I am thankful that my family is ok.  We live another day.

I think of the pain, grief and confusion that the families affected are going through right now and how their lives are changed forever and their healing process has not even begun.  I think of the families that only a few months ago lost their children and loved ones in the school shooting in Connecticut, or the ones in the Boston Marathon bombing just last month.  How are they doing?  And if I kept up with the news a little better there are probably many more tragic happenings that are too much, too many or too overwhelming to remember.
And there is nothing that I can say that is profound, that would make a difference.  Inside I hurt a little, and I wished that somehow that was enough to take a little of the hurt away from those who suffer right now.

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