Friday, May 25, 2012

An old wedding dress

I finally made it to the City of Gilbert Museum.  Over a month ago I saw they had a quilting exhibit, and although I am not a quilter (yet), this was something I wanted to see.  There were many interesting quilts, mostly modern, with fancy fabrics and appliques.  The quilt that made the biggest impression on me was one that was still a work in progress, stretched on a loom.  An older lady who spotted me admiring the quilt told me that it's called 'Old fashioned grandma's garden'.  I didn't take a picture of it, but the photo below I found on Google is the closest thing to what I saw.

In one of the rooms there were old fashioned wedding dresses.  There is something very romantic about old wedding dresses.  The idea that most of these were made by a relative, or passed on to the bride from her mother, grandmother and so on, brings a wonderful feeling of love, romance, butterflies in your stomach.  It makes me want to have a wedding again.  A small wedding, and me wearing one of these vintage dresses.  Here is the one I loved the most.

And the runner up was this one:

I saw some vintage sewing patterns, but I have some of these myself.  I actually found a bunch at the thrift store by my house for .25 a piece and got a few.  What is with me?  Was I born at the wrong time?  I sometime feel that.  I can make a connection with people in their 50s, 60s, 70s etc. in no time.  But I find myself clueless and uncomfortable around most people of my own age.

Here is something that I think I'd like to try to colaborate with my husband, a photo quilt.

I think I would actually like a small quilt like this, something that you put on your walls.  So maybe one day, when I find a break from work and from being a mum.  For now, I will only dive into projects that take no longer than a day or two to complete.  Otherwise I risk that it never gets finished..

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Kathleen said...

I feel the same way. You're one of the few I connect with around my own age. Everyone else is 30 years older than me lol