Friday, May 04, 2012

Crossing over the rainbow bridge


I heard from Terri today, she said she put Cody down this morning.  My throat started closing, remembering that yesterday was exactly a year since my dog Mulder died.  Both Cody and Mulder were Australian Shepherds.

I was a senior in high school, living with Terri and Paul as an exchange student in Omaha, Nebraska when Terri got Cody.  I remember the very moment I first met him.  It was winter, and Terri came to pick me up after school.  On the car seat was a cute fluffy little puppy, this was Cody Boy Blue. He was a sweet and smart guy.  A well behaved dog.  We took him to obedience classes somewhere on a farm nearby Omaha. Terri taught him to do all kinds of tricks after that.  He was my pal, especially when I'd come home from school before everyone else was back from work.

I will miss Cody very much, but my missing him can't compare to how much they will miss him.  Cody was 16 years old (in human years).


Cody is the reason why I got Mulder, my Australian Shepherd.  It was Cody's mild nature that made me fall in love with the breed and since I never had a dog of my own David got Mulder for me when I graduated from college in 2002.  A month later Mulder made the trip across the country with us moving to Arizona.  He was a puppy then and fit perfectly in the space between the driver and passenger seat as well as in my lap.  Mulder was my baby, since I didn't have kids for a long time.  We eventually got him a friend, our dog Worf who is still with us.  We'd take the two of them to dog parks, camping trips, hiking.
(Mulder's the one in the back, the black&white dog)

The times and memories I have of Mulder can't really fit in this blog, they are so numerous, happy, funny and sad.  And I am tearing up now, so I need to wrap it up.  Mulder died on May 3, 2011 of unknown reason.  We found him dead on the side of our house in the back yard.  He appeared asleep, except he wasn't.   I cremated him and I keep his ashes in my craft room.  He is still a good conversationalist who never judges me.



Terri said...

Thank you Vesna. What a wonderful tribute to Cody and Mulder. I feel lost. I keep looking for him. I still get 4 treats out. I miss him so much.

Vesna said...

Oh Terri, I am sorry. I would like to hold your hand and cry together.

Terri said...

Yep We could talk about our guys, cry some and have some Turkish coffee. I miss my family too!