Saturday, May 26, 2012


A few weeks ago a pillow that was in our washing machine caused the washer to get off balance during the spin cycle.  You know what happens then, your washer migrates about a foot or two from its original position and it's no big deal, you push it back when it's done washing.  Well something else must have happened to our washer, because ever since that I have a draining problem.  And the handy-woman that I am, I did my usual checks: I watched the machine go trough a cycle to figure out when and where the water leaks.  This way I found out that nothing is wrong with the hose that goes from the machine into the drain pipe.  It drains just fine if I had it drain in a bucket.  But once it goes in the drain pipe, it starts shooting water out of it.
So it's the drain pipe that's causing all these problems.  I got a pitcher of water and poured it down and it's going down just fine, it's only when the amount of water is much larger (like when it's coming out of the machine) that's not draining.  I called our handy man and he suggested I put some drain chemicals down the pipe.  This didn't fix the problem.  I called back and he suggested that I snake the pipe.  And I can't get the snake to go pass the elbow of the drain pipe.  I called the handy man back, he suggested that I call a plumber. 
Well I can't quite afford a plumber at the moment and twice this week I've been at the laundromat by our house.  I wash the laundry there, and I take it home to dry it.  It's an experience, I even made friends with the owner who is from Jordan.

And today I was taking pictures of other people's laundry in the driers.  I really liked watching this green fluorescent garment flying in the dryer.

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