Friday, February 03, 2012

Seed beads

Ah it appears that I am hooked on making these cloth broaches now.  So instead of coffee staining my fabric, I found this large piece of remnant I probably picked up somewhere and got a great deal on it.  It's golden color, so I don't have to dye it, yey!  But it's also a bit of a heavier fabric, almost like upholstery fabric and it frays pretty bad, but that's pretty good for me and the effects it gives it.
However it's just one color, no print on it.  I can't have I've been stamping it with stamps of course and permanent ink.  And then I've been sewing beads on it.  I almost forgot that I have a whole suitcase full of beads (no joke, it's for real).  How could I forget I had so many beads?!  Since these broaches are not really big, my seed beads work perfectly.  Here is a sneak peak, and I have about 5 more that need beading. 


Jessie said...

Ok my gosh !!! I love the butterfly one ! I will buy it!

Vesna said...

Ok saving it for you Jessie!