Friday, February 03, 2012

Northern lights or desert skies?

I had traded the first part of my shift today, so I was heading to work during rush hour.  I left early to give myself plenty of time for any unexpected traffic jams and also because I was dropping my kids off at my sister in law.  Typically I would be annoyed to have to stop at every single red light, but I was delighted today because each stop gave me an opportunity to take pictures of the beautiful and epic sky in front of me.  On the southeast the sky was clear, but on the northwest there was a cloud that appeared to be a dust cloud however my retro camera effects on my phone made it look like the northern lights you may expect to see at this time of the year somewhere in Alaska.  But the palm trees give it away.

The black and white effect through my dirty windshield made it look like the 'twilight zone'.

And here is the last one, which I think if I was good enough to photoshop the stoplights and some of the traffic, would look celestial.  The colors reminds me of something I saw in National Geographic several years ago, an article on the birth of a star, although I am really not trying to say that I take any National Geographic quality photos....far from it.  I am just having fun with cool technology that I also don't know much about it, but it makes me look like I know what I'm doing.

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