Sunday, February 26, 2012

Maggie's studio

I have two Maggies, and although I almost always talk about my daughter Maggie, this time I want to talk about my friend Maggie.
Maggie lives in my very own town.  How lucky I am.  And Maggie is a master in all things sewing, repurposing and altering.  She found my name in the magazine I got published.  I was so delighted.  We met a few weeks ago when Maggie came over to my house and shared her creations.  This last week we met at her house and her studio is so inspiring, organized, so well put together, so bright, and colorful that you can get inspired just by being there.
Here she is in her studio.

My camera really doesn't do it justice, it's just my phone camera.  I told Maggie that with workspace like hers, she really should be in one of the inspiring magazines by Stampington, called Where Women Create.

Maggie is helping me alter a dress that my husband got some time ago for a photo shoot, and I don't think he ever used it.  It's several sizes too big on me, but I liked the fabric, it's sort of business-y looking.  I had this idea of incorporating a man's tie as a way to tighten it just under the bust, and Maggie suggested I use it as a belt.  So after doing some fitting to the dress, I made some belt loops, I need to take some length off of it and it's not ready yet, but it's going to be.
Here is a before picture:

And you will have to be patient and come back to check on the AFTER picture soon, I hope.

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