Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The lego architecht

This is another post where the parent (me) praises her child (Patrick) because the parent simply thinks their child is the best and a genius.  I am going too far, I know.
My son loves legos.  A lot of kids and non-kids do.  What I like about Patrick is that he is able to follow the instructions to build the particular set.  And when he is done, a day later he 'disassembles' the set and builds a variation of it.  And another day later all the legos end up disassembled and in a big lego container box, and then the imagination goes.
Here he was building what he called 'his house'.

And then he built this vehicle, which I mistakenly called a car, he corrected me it's a 'plane car'.  'Forgive me for not making a big deal out of those wings son.'  This may be the next and first new car I buy, when my son actually is old enough and designs a real one for his mom.

And naturally here is the 'plane car' parked in front of his 'house'.  I love that arch, he must have gotten the idea from Paolo Soleri

But what cracked me up the most, was not his architechtual or engineering imaginations, but it was him building Slimer from Ghost Busters with legos.  My kids have been watching Ghost Busters lately, I even heard them trying to talk to some kids in the park about Ghost Busters, but the kids couldn't figure out what my kids were talking about.
Anyway....I present you Slimer.


crazy about Ukraine said...

Slimer is awesome!!! Rock on, Patrick :)

Vesna said...

I should tape them trying to eat like Slimer. It's so funny!