Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Maggie on a scooter in the park

A few nights ago we went to the park close to dinner time.  We took the Lightning McQueen scooter, which I guess belongs to Patrick, but heaven forbid if Maggie lets him have it.  And neither one of them have mastered 'sharing' yet.
He tried to chase her and forcefully take his scooter back.

When retrieving his scooter didn't work, he helplessly stood and screamed at his sister as she scooted away fast.

Look how happy she is on his scooter.

But don't let that smile fool you.  She can be just as angry as her brother you saw a couple of pictures above.  I asked her to give Patrick his scooter back and to thank him for sharing it with her, and this is the face she gave me.

And  then she said to me: mom look at the moon?  She pointed, and it wasn't a full moon, although in my household it feels like a full moon every night. 

And then I asked her again if she would give Patrick his scooter back.  This time she stopped to think about it. Hmmmmmmm

And she still didn't give him his scooter.

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