Sunday, January 01, 2012

The Whole World Celebrates My Son's Birthday

It's no joke, he is that special, because his birthday is on New Year's Day.  I was due on the 31st December.  And my husband really wanted him to be born on the 31st.  Something about a tax break (read my wedding post).  So few days before my due date he made me walk a lot, but nothing happened.  Then he went to a health food store to buy a natural labor inducer, Blue Kohosh.  The lady that worked there wouldn't sell it to him because we didn't have a doula and we weren't going to have the baby at home.  The next day my husband made me go to the health food store.  The same woman was working and she had her suspicions about me. She asked if my husband had come the day before.  I couldn't lie to her.  She gave me this advice: in few days it's going to be a full moon and that always helps with labor and delivery.
For real?  She did look very hippie. 
My husband wouldn't give up and went to a completely different store and just purchased the darn 'potion'.  He put a few drops in my drink earlier in the day on the 31st.  Other than it being so gross, nothing else happened.  Then later he put it in a glass of water.  This was a whole lot more gross than the first time.  But still nothing happened.  It wasn't until sometimes after midnight and the new year had already arrived when I started not feeling right and started bleeding and eventually decided that it was time to go to the hospital.
My son was born at 11:26am on January 1.  Ha ha.......I love how life can be funny like that.
Happy Birthday my son, you are 5 today.

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