Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I felt encouraged after my apron got published in the winter issue of Belle Armoire in their 'Valentine's Day Art to Wear' section.  And with Valentine's day coming up, I've been feeling the need to create something sweet and romantic. 
So I've been experimenting with using stamps and permanent ink on white fabric (I've been recycling flat sheets that I no longer use) and then aging/dying the fabric with coffee to give it a vintage look.
I had this idea for a necklace where the pendant is made of fabric, and here is my first attempt.  

I hand stitched these, and even though I really like the look, hand stitching something small like this and then stuffing it with pollyfill for a 3D look was not very easy.  It was quite annoying trying to keep the pollyfill in.
I went to my beloved machine and tried machine stitching.  I think I like the machine stitch better, but I did have a similar problem with the polyfill.

To add the chain I cut tiny strips of fabric to make loops and stitched them on the back side of the heart.  

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