Monday, January 09, 2012

Knott's Berry Farm and Uncle Pavel

Our first family trip to an amusement park happened last weekend.  This was really my Christmas gift to my family (since I am a horrible gift buyer).
Even though the trip was short, it was packed with fun and family adventure times.  My uncle Pavel, is always so kind to let us stay with him.  It's been over 2 years since we've seen him and his family.  His daughter Athena is now 6 1/2yrs old and she loved playing with Patrick and Maggie.  And they loved playing with her.  When we arrived at their home, I said to my kids: this is Uncle Pavel's house.  They thought it was Uncle E. I think they understood that the only thing Uncle Pavel and E have in common is their mysterious nature.

At this age my kids were limited at what rides they can go on.  There were a couple of 'exciting' train rides where some outlaws asked us for our money and pointed a gun at us.

We went on a water ride, Timber Mountain Log ride where Patrick sat in front, in between my father's legs, I was right behind them with Maggie sqeezed between me and David.  This is a fun ride, but at one point there is darkness for a few moments, you feel water falling on you and a slight fall that gives you that weighless feeling.  We didn't get too soaked, but I think Patrick was bit scared and cautious after this.  He was more observant and selective about which ride he goes on.

Maggie was my little tomboy girl.  She actually makes me remember that I was somewhat of a tomboy myself, although I never thought of myself that way.  But she was eager and energetic and leading us to the next ride.  "Come on guys, lets go", I heard her say this a few times.  She acted fearless, but she did have that scared look on her face and got glued to me when we went on Lucy's Tugboat ride.  This ride actually made me little nauseated, but I had to stay calm and tough for my little girl.

Off course, the bumper cars were a must, but my little Maggie was too small to go on it, even riding with me.  She was pretty upset about this part and I had to trick her into cheering for Patrick, David and my dad.  I told her we have to be the cheerleaders as we were leaning on the wall, watching them and trying to take a few pictures.

Here they are, David and Patrick, and my dad behind.  Actually at one point during this ride, Patrick took his safety arm belts, and the whole ride stopped.  Some 30+ bumper car drivers were looking at eachother, as the attendant came to David and Patrick's car and asked Patrick to put back his safety belt.  Ah my boy....

Being at an amusement park with kids, limits the adults from going on big-scary-loopy-upside-down rides.  My dad and David went on the Ghostrider, which they reported to be bit scary.  I went on the WindSeeker ride twice, once with my dad, and then once with David.  This was quite fun, you could see the entire Orange County area.  It felt good, like a flying bird, it felt free and just beautiful.  My dad and I went on another roller coaster, the Jaguar and David and I were going to try the Sierra Sidewinder, but the line was long and moving slow, so we gave up.

We ended the day with all of us riding on the Merry-Go-Round.

Then we drove back at Uncle Pavel's house, tired from the long day of fun.  Patrick however was ready to still play with Athena.  And she was ready and waiting to play with Patrick as well.  The next day when we left they were sad.  Athena was sad to have her cousins leave.  And now as I am writing this, I realize that the two opportunities the kids got to play together was at night and I didn't take a single picture of them together.  What is wrong with me?!  I guess I will have to go back to Palm Springs and visit my Uncle Pavel again.

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