Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bread and chocolate

Ah Nutella!  Have you ever had it?  It's a chocolate-hazelnut spread.  Europeans eat it on bread, fresh baked bread with crunchy crust.  Yum!  I like to dip pretzel sticks in it.

When I was an exchange student over a decade ago, Terri, my host mom liked to mix Nutella with peanut butter.  I never tried it that way, I didn't like peanut butter then.  But my taste has changed, I like peanut butter now and I am about to try it with Nutella.


crazy about Ukraine said...

Mmmmm...Nutella, good stuff! It's very popular in Ukraine- they even sell Nutella to-go single servings at the checkout counter. No peanut butter though :(
How'd the taste test go? Success?

Anonymous said...

I use it for cake frosting. Tell people its a secret family recipe. It does go well with peanut butter.

Vesna said...

Katya, I think I prefer peanut butter with apples, or celery. For now I just like my Nutella on bread or pretzle sticks.