Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Love Good Thrifting

My local thrift store called 'Hidden Treasures', really does have hidden treasures.  Some time ago I bought a fabric remnant, it was hardly even a quarter of a yard.  I paid .25 cents.  Then I noticed in their jewelry case, little plastic bags full of mismatched beads and trinkets.  I picked one up for $3.

I used some of the fabric on different projects, either flowers I made for Maggie, or some months ago when I was making my cuffs.  But I still had some small pieces left.  Yesterday I was thinking how I like the look of necklaces that have large pendants with crystals and beads, but I hate the feel of the heavy metal on my chest.  And since I've been making jewelry with fabric, I though I'd give it a try.

I used a random square of words I cut from a .50 cents romance novel and used it on the photo square trinket.  It actually came from the same novel I was using when I was making my poetry busts.  And voila!!!

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