Thursday, December 15, 2011

You've been married how long?

Well, 10 years, that's right.  I can say 'wow, where did the time go?'.  So here is where it went:
I met David when I lived in Omaha.  I happened to visit a gallery one night where one of my friends had her work displayed.  David had his work there too and he also happened to be there that night.  He casually mentioned something to the mutual friend about me.  It took some time after this for us to actually meet.  When I finally got introduced to David it was at a bar/restaurant in Dundee area.  I had just gotten off work from my library job at the college and was invited to stop by at this bar.  David was sitting on top of a speaker when I met him and he's been drinking because he was nervous to meet me.  He said to me that he would like to take photos of me.  This was quite new to me and perhaps a bit unusual, so I said: that's fine, but I don't do nudes.
At first I wasn't really interested in dating David, or anyone for that matter.  It was too much work, too much drama, too much heartbreak.  But for some reason he wouldn't give up.  I decided that this much determination deserves a chance, so.........we dated.
About a year later we went on a road trip to the southwest.  Our final destination was Las Vegas, where we were going to meet my uncle Pavel.  It was around Thanksgiving and we were in Tempe, AZ when David asked me if I would like to share my life with him.  We got married the day after Christmas.  It was the only slot the courthouse had opened before the end of the year.  And there is something about getting a tax break as a married couple for the entire year.  I am glad you agree with us.  And really there was no point to wait.  I still don't understand couples who are engaged forever.  What's the big deal?  He asked, you said yes, take a trip to the courthouse.  I guess I understand a little bit, because wedding time is supposed to be the one time in a woman's life when she does actually feel like a princess.  It's every woman's dream, come on, admit it.  But all the fuss and glitz over this one day, it's not my cup of tea.  Sure I want to feel like princess, but I did enjoy the minimal stress of my farmhouse wedding. 

Shortly after we got married we moved to Arizona.  This is where David had gone to college some years earlier and really loved the desert and wanted to move.  I must admit it was very very hard to leave my family.  And it was hard on my family too, especially my mom.  But here we are, still in Arizona almost 10 years later.

 And still married.  And marriage is a lot of hard work, and sometimes drama, and an occasional heartbreak, but then so is life.


crazy about Ukraine said...

A very beautiful entry, Vesna. Congratulations on 10 years of life together!!!! :)

Vesna said...

Thanks Katya.

From a Mother's Heart said...

Congratulations! Loved reading your entry! Claire