Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reading Your Fortune

Today I received a set of cups with saucers for Turkish coffee from Terri.  This in turn reminded me of one of the favorite past times in my native country: reading your fortune on coffee grounds.  I am sure you are immediately thinking of gypsies.  Although there is a large gypsy, Roma, population in my country, this reading fortune business is not exclusive to them.  It's in every household.  Sometimes three times a day.  Excessive?  Well, at this point you probably should not trust my observations, because I have not been or lived in Macedonia in the last 16 years.  But I still occasionally engage in reading my fortune simply out of boredom.
The set from Terri.

Menagerie of cups I own for Turkish Coffe.
I am not exactly sure of the moment I started drinking coffee, but it was probably in my teens when I started having 'crushes' on boys.  My fortune had to be read, don't you get it, just to make sure that all is well with my 'crush'.
I never believed in the fortune lies I was told, but it was fun to do.  I don't even think that anything I was ever told came true even by a mere chance.  But then there were no professionals reading my fortune, just my girlfriends.  Some of them were known to be very good fortune readers.  I tried to learn, but I really wasn't good at it.  Probably because I am a terrible liar.  At my bachelorette party over 10 years ago someone even gave me a book on fortune reading, specifically on coffee grounds.

When I was young I was not allowed to drink coffee (but I could drink beer, and I got drunk at age 4.  More about this in a different post).  There was actually a myth to scare off young kids from drinking coffee.  It was said that a young person who drinks coffee or tastes the coffee grounds left on the bottom of the cup after the liquid is gone (Turkish coffee is not filtered) will grow a tail.  Yes, precisely, a tail on your butt.  On days where I'd sneak a sip or a taste of the grounds, I'd go to bed at night feeling my behind for any tail growth.  It was such a relief when I wouldn't feel any traces of a tail growing.


Jeree said...

My grandmother read tea cups. She did it for years, and had several neighbors that would come over for tea on a regular basis. She only read my cup once when I was pregnant with my son over 33 years ago. Thanks for your post and bringing back my memory of that time!

Vesna said...

Ah yes tea leaves, there is also some kind of fortune reading with beans...I have no clue.