Friday, December 16, 2011

Pima Park

One of my favorite parks in Phoenix east valley area is Pima park.  Although I don't go there very often anymore.  It's in Mesa and it was close and convenient when we first moved here and lived in an apartment complex.  I used to take my dog Mulder there.

I think it used to be David's favorite too.  The park is really a field walled out from Hwy 60 on one side.  The other side borders a neighborhood.  The only way to access it is by taking a dead end street that meets an alley way. Unless you knew where you are going, you won't even find it.  It's always pretty quiet.  That's probably what attracts me to it.  It's quiet, although you can see the highway traffic zooming by.  It gives you this feel that you are inside a snowglobe, shielded and protected from the rest of the world, but you can still see the busy world going about its business.

And today we went there.  The last time I remember visiting this park was in the midst of summer about 2 years ago.  At the end of that visit, my car battery was dead, and I had not taken my cell phone.  I was stuck with Patrick and Maggie.  If it wasn't for some couple in love, who decided to come by and have their lunch in the park, who knows how long I would have been there.  I used their cell phone to call a tow truck.

But today it was ok, no dead battery.  Just us, and at some point a guy with his two dogs, then a loose dog, and then at the end two more loose dogs.  I tried to take some action shots of my babies.

And also pictures of some cactus.  I think this is prickly pear cactus.  It's supposedly edible, although I have no clue how to prepare it. 

And the sky was epic.  With a cloud here and there.

There was some wrestling going on as well.

But also some loving and hugging.

And more running.

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