Saturday, September 22, 2012

Time machine

I was wishing my energy lasted at least a couple of hours after the kids went to bed.  I had a sink full of dishes to do, a dishwasher full to unload, and after all that boring but required work I was hoping to still feel energized to work on some photographs that I was going to stitch on.
I read them a story, kissed them goodnight and left the room.  But I kept hearing their little voices, their little feet stomping around in their room.  What in the world could they be doing?
They were building a Time Machine!!!!
Lets check it out.
Two staircases (came from a doll house).  A spinner (from a lego racing game), that Patrick called the clock; an important piece of a time machine.  A stuffed snake, curled on a tin platform (the box from the lego racing game).  A part of a barn toy.  Some race cars.

A lego superhero robot on the left (he's got a name but I can't remember it)

A pink sand bucket.  Some doll house furniture.  Staircase.

A horse.  Really?  On top of a doll house armoire?  I wonder what his role is?  Some chairs and cabinets on the right (from the dollhouse)

A toy baking dish (must be important).  A lego race car.  Some cards.  The snake again.

So you wanna travel?
I am going to bed.
PS. No the dishes didn't get done.  And I didn't stitch any photographs.

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