Friday, September 21, 2012

My son shaved my arms

I've had an interesting week with my son.  He needed a haircut.  I've been cutting his hair for the last 3 years, but it has never been a pleasant experience.  He hates getting his haircut.  He squirms, and cries, and moves and I always end up yelling at him in frustration.  I wasn't looking to cut his hear this time but he needed it.  In my attempt to get him comfortable and unafraid of the shaver I let him hold it, turn it on and off, and somehow I found myself offering him to shave my arm hair (not arm pits, arms).  I needed an arm shave anyway, ha ha.

Then on Tuesday, his school called us to tell us that during recess he decided to pull his pants down and pee on a tree in the playground.  He was singing the alphabet song, the teacher said, and when she called him, he looked at her and waived.
That evening when I got home from work, he told me himself that he peed in the playground at school.  'Sorry mom', he said, 'I be a good boy tomorrow'.
And we had a talk about bathroom and restroom.  He told me that Restroom is at school, Bathroom is at home.
It's Friday and the school week is over.  He is sitting next to me drawing angry birds.  I feel happy that he makes my life interesting.


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