Wednesday, March 21, 2012


When you live in a place like Phoenix, that gets some 330+ sunny days, you forget about weather.  Kind of sad, I miss out on all those conversation about the weather I could have when people don't know what to say to me.  Here in Phoenix the sun is shining every day.  Occasionally some clouds drift by and they can really look cool, especially if they are fluffy and big.  In the summer you get the monsoon storms come along and they can bring big dust storms, fast and heavy hit of rain, but not for long.  And when all of that is over, the mess they leave it's nothing compared to the heavy snow falls in the midwest, or the tornadoes, or the hurricanes.  Or maybe I only have that impression because I don't have a pool, so I don't have to clean all of the debris and dust that falls into it.
I guess I am trying to say that I am pretty lucky to live in a heaven of a desert.  So when something out of the ordinary comes along, I enjoy it.  Like this past Sunday, we got some rain that came in from California, and some pretty cold temperatures that helped this rain freeze and come down as hail.  That white dust you see it's not citrus blossom falling, it's pebbles of hail.

It's was pretty strange to see it, even though I have seen hail before.

The only unfortunate part was that I had to leave in the midst of this storm to go to work, so I couldn't sit by the window and enjoy it.

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