Sunday, March 25, 2012

Friends in the park

It's seldom that we see someone we know at the park.  Sad in a way since it is a neighborhood park.  But my kids call every kid they see in the park a 'friend'.  Today we had the park to ourselves for some time, until some kids came and Patrick and Maggie pointed in excitement: 'mom, look friends'.

Patrick as usual tried to make a conversation.
"I am Patrick, nice to meet you.  This Maggie, and this mommy."
I am glad that he doesn't let his speech delay get in a way of making friends and interacting with people.  Most of the time kids sort of give up on trying to understand what he is trying to say, but today the conversation was quite funny.  One of the girls, who I'd say was about 9-10 tried to listen and understand Patrick, and after a few minutes she turned to me and asked me: "are you British?".  I tried not to laugh and politely answered:" no I am from Macedonia." 
She said she didn't know where that was, but her friend that she was with was quick to say: "oh I know where it is, I've been there, it's really a cool place."
"It's in Europe, next to Greece", I explained to the first girl, but by this time they were off the swings and running around with my kids.

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