Friday, June 22, 2012

Maggie, Batman and Crochet

I learned the basics of crochet from my mom when I was very young.  I watched my mom making countless pretty doilies, the good eastern european mom she was, making dowry for her daughter (me).  But I never really applied, or were interested in applying these handy skills I inherited from her, until several years ago when I was in my late twenties.  The first thing I made that was more complex than just a long chain, was a baby blanket I made for my uncle's Pavel daughter Athena.  It was constructed of granny squares.  Then a year later I was pregnant myself, so I made my son a blanket, booties, and a teddy bear.

He looks pathetic, even though I did follow a pattern and he was supposed to look a lot neater than he does.
Then my husband requested that I make some superheroes, so I made Batman, The Flash, and The Demon.

I started making scarfs and bags and gave them to friends as gifts.  I learned new techniques from a book called 'The Happy Hooker'.  I made jewelry with fine crochet thread.

I accumulated so much yarn and thread that I still have three or four boxes stashed up in the closet.  At that time there weren't many crochet magazines out there.  My mom gave me her old 'Magic Crochet' magazines that were no longer published, my mother-in-law got several copies of a Spanish crochet magazine called 'Muestras y Ganchillos' which luckily had the patterns in a diagram form because I don't speak Spanish.  The only cool crochet magazine was 'Crochet Today' and 'Interweave Crochet' and I used to subscribe to both.  So a week ago when I was at Joann's Crafts I noticed a whole bunch of new crochet magazines.  Imagine this: VogueKnitting - Crochet.  Vogue has a crochet magazine?????  Then there was: 'Inside Crochet', 'Crochet!', 'Irresistable gifts to crochet'.
I am glad to see that interest in crochet has grown, and maybe people won't mistake us 'hookers' for knitters.  We don't knit, we hook, ok?

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