Sunday, June 17, 2012

Challenging myself

I think most of my readers are people that know me, individuals I can call friends or family.  So I don't need to explain that my husband is a photographer.  He went to school for it and has a degree.  He's uses all types of cameras, from high tech digital, to old fashion large format ones.
I on the other hand, relaying on his technical skills have left myself in the woods.  Lost!  I am embarassed to say that I do not know how to move digital photos from a camera onto a computer.  If it wasn't for my 'smart' phone, everyone will know that my smarts are not in the tech world .  At least not with cameras and fancy programs (by the way, all the photos on my blog are from my smart phone, just so you know.  I use the blogger app to load them, then I open the unfinished post on the computer to add text.  Smart eh?).
But I have to learn.  So I've signed up for an online Photoshop course through a local college.  I hope that the fear of failure helps me get through it.
The class starts tomorrow.  I was reading the syllabus tonight and it said that on average I will need to spend 9 hours per week on course work and assignments.  9 hours!!!!!!!!!!  Where will I find 9 hours?????

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