Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Otter pops

This frozen flavored water leaves such a mess when little people try to eat them.  Sticky drips everywhere, and I don't feel like mopping every day.

And they love otter pops, they'd eat them for breakfast if they could.  Maybe I'll make my own, adding fruit and yogurt, then they could eat them for breakfast.

I try to be a good mom and have them eat at the table, but otter pops are not quite a table food.  So I let them eat in their playroom to contain the mess to one place.  Except when I go to work, the party begins.  I know the two of them and their dad eat them in front of the TV playing a game on the Wii.  They forget to put the plastic wrappers in the trash and leave them wherever they happen to suck that last drop of the otter pop.  They haven't learned to cover their tracks yet.

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