Saturday, April 07, 2012

I am 33 today

Am I supposed to feel different, older, wiser?  After all it's sort of a magical number 33.  Well I don't feel any different, in fact I don't feel any different than a decade ago, except I have a title, Mom.
To some people I don't even look like a mom.  Like the lady at Lake Pleasant about a year ago who asked me where my parents were?  I was there with my kids, and my daughter was crying.  After comforting her she continued to cry, and I think the lady didn't think I was a fit mother, so I must be their sister, hence she wanted to know where our parents were.
Or the old man in the grocery store commenting that I am too young to have kids.  I thanked him for the kind compliment, but I really am not too young to have kids.  I am just the right age of 33.
And it's a great number age to be.


crazy about Ukraine said...

Even though we haven't met in person yet, I can tell that you are very young in face and spirit. You are an inspiration! :)

Vesna said...

Katya if you stay in Ukraine forever it may give me a reason to go East for a change. And if you come back I am sure we'll meet either in the desert or the arctic. I actually have a little package to send you, and now that you are extending your stay I have no excuses to go to the post office.