Monday, March 03, 2014

You maybe thinking I've abandoned my blog...and I did for a few weeks.  See my double second handed lap top gave up on me.  It will no longer connect to the internet.  And even though we do have another PC at home, it required an extra effort to sit behind a desk and a chair.  My day job, at Alaska Airlines requires me to sit behind a desk and a computer for the most part, and I make every effort to limit sitting behind another desk when I am off work.
I have been busy with crafting off course.  I've begun repurposing old kitchen linens into these stylish purses.  I've managed to secure a spot at a show called Junk in the Trunk, on May 3 and I've used every spare moment building my inventory for that.
And just when I though I got some tempo getting things done to have enough for May, the local antique mall called me to offer me some space as a vendor.  I've been on their wait list since last year, so I couldn't really pass on the opportunity.  I got a glass display case, not what I wanted, but it will do for starters.  And just about most of my inventory is now there.  Which means I got to start from scratch.
While we are on the crafting topic, let me also share the good news of having some of my work published again in one of the Stampington's publications.  This time Somerset Studio.  It is my little circus book I submitted some time ago.

In the middle of my busy working/crafting life, I must not forget the most important people in my life, my kids.  Going to parks, movies, building legoes, teaching my daughter zentangle (which she calls zumatary...I have no clue where that came from, her own imagined word)
And last but not least, I am taking a collage workshop.  Here are my first samples....need a lot of practice.

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