Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Photo grid

Hallelujah!!!  I fixed my laptop tonight.  I thought it was done for, but honestly I haven't tried to put too much time in trying fix it myself.  I contemplated buying an Ipad, or another laptop, or something that I can use to keep up my blog alive, but with a big trip coming in May (yes I am finally going to Macedonia, see you've missed that news) I really did not want to have another expense.

And here is a photo grid I made with photos I took on my smart phone a month ago during a short trip to LA.  My husband and I went to a gallery opening where he had some work that I collaborated with him.  I wanted to go along so we went.


Cordia Remsen said...
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Cordia Remsen said...

Good job in fixing your laptop! It's awesome how you managed to whip up the skills to fix it by yourself. It could've been cosly to get someone fix it for you. Hahaha! Anyway, the photos you took look amazing. You are so talented, Vesna! Thanks for sharing! All the best to you! :)

Cordia Remsen @ RB's Computer Service