Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ostrich Festival

Our town Chandler, has an Ostrich Festival every March.  It's a carneval of a sort with rides, games, shows.  Among the many attractions it's an Ostrich Race.  They strap modified bicycle carts on a harness and around the giant bird, and off they go.  It's a funny thing to see.  Often times the harness doesn't stay on for the duration of the 2 min race.  It's not meant to stay, because otherwise it will hurt the bird.  It's more for fun.
This year there was something new for the kids.  Floating bubble rides.   A big inflatable pool was filled with water, and had bubbles big enough for a person to be inside.  A kid gets in, and the bubble is filled up with a big compressor pump, zipped up so the air stays in, and then it floats with the kid inside.  Patrick and Maggie loved it.  Here they are, side by side in a big bubble.

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