Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tote bags

Ahh one of my favorite magazines, and they were kind again to select my work to be on their pages.  This time it was mini tote bags that I made out of jean legs. 
It started like this: about a year or so ago I took my sewing machine to Omaha when I visited my mom.  She asked me to fix some pants for my nephew.  They were worn out at the knees, so I cut them off and made them into shorts.  I used the cut off part of the legs to make mini totes for my daughter and niece.  I liked the results so much, that I played with several pairs of old jeans, cutting off the legs and making mini bags.  I added some decorations with free motion stitching and handles from pieces of fabric too small to make anything else.  And those ended up in GreenCraft.
The issue is out in November.  I got my copy yesterday, and as usual I was excited listing through to find my page.  :-)  Take a look at the magazine if you get a chance.  Usually Barnes & Nobles carries it, also some craft stores like Joann's Fabrics.  Or you can order a copy on line at

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