Saturday, October 26, 2013

Time to return to work

My two weeks vacation is coming to an end.  Back to my job tomorrow.  It seems that I was off more than two weeks.  It was time well spent, time off to recoup, regroup, to not have to worry about having to be at any place at a particular time.  I did some crafting, I went to NYC with my husband and kids, I drove to Prescott, AZ with my husband and visited some galleries and co-ops, I got a volunteer job to teach refugee women to sew, I took my kids to Halloween parties, I did not sleep in, as I wanted to make the most of my days, I helped my dad search for a job, I watered my plants with no rush, I enjoyed my time off without feeling guilty spending it without a particular plan.  It felt great.
Here are a couple of pictures of the pine forest near Prescott.

I tried to practice some collaging.  It's new to me, I picked up a book at the library and got inspired to work on some house shaped collages. 

And some smaller ATC size ones too.  I hand stitched this time, fabric on paper.

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Mirjana Cesar said...

Hi Vesna,
I like your blog.
Nice to see we shared being published in
same issues of some Somerset magazines!
Wonderful work!
Take care!