Thursday, August 01, 2013

Tooth fairy

A bit of a busy week, along with a visit from my dad.  On Sunday, we had a birthday party for my daughter who is now 5. And on Tuesday the tooth fairy visited my son.  A week of milestones, naturally, for a family of young kids.  This was our first-ever visit from the tooth fairy.  My son, who is 6, is already questioning her existence, because he didn't see her come by.  He asked if perhaps she may be a ghost.  And then went on to ask me what she does with all the teeth she collects.
Kids...they never fail to surprise me, delight me, catch me off guard.
And since the tooth fairy tradition is really not something I grew up with, it's new to me, as much as it's new to them, I used a match box for the tooth-money exchange to take place.

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