Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday is craftday

I seem to get most crafty work done on Friday.  My day off, so it makes sense.  Last week I ran out of glass that I need for soldering, so I tried those large glass stones that you can find in floral section at the craft store.  I loved the results because they are so beautifully imperfect, and they distort whatever image you put underneath it.  It's almost like resin, which I've been a bit uncomfortable to mess with at the moment.

I made this Eiffel tour charm first, but realized because of the oval shape, my clamp wasn't holding it well while soldering.  It was a hazard, and I stopped to go get a better clamp.

I used my husband's old comics.  He's got a lot, so he let me use them.  So these are getting soldered soon.

On a side note, last night I made a promise to my little girl that I will crochet a blanket for her.  She has a little one that I made when she was a baby.  She told me it doesn't cover her.  And it really doesn't.  I will be crocheting a while.  I finished one square, and have no idea how many more I need.  She's picked 10 colors from my stash and we started with purple.

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Robert said...

It is happy to have time to do what's one likes. Creating something beautiful is always a pleasant thing.