Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Redescovering myself

Since the kids started school on Monday, and they are now both in school full day, I have found myself alone for several hours before I start work myself.  This was something I was looking forward to for many years, and it's here now, and it's been great, but also a little bit uncomfortable.  I can hear myself thinking, I can hear myself breathing, I realize I exist and I can get to know myself again.
Today I even went to church.  I am not a religious type, but there is a Catholic church in my neighborhood, only a 5 min walk from the kids' school.  It has a little Chapel and it's open from dawn to dusk.  The quietness inside is what appealed to me.  Sure my house is quite now too, but there are many distractions (the darn computer being one). 
I sat in one of the pews, the dim light inside and the sound of the ceiling fan were comforting.  I sat and daydreamed for some 30 min.  Then I came home, made lunch, and ate quietly by myself.  I liked the feeling of being by myself, with nothing that needed an immediate attention.  And I felt guilty about it at the same time.

I worked on my Book of Tea for a little bit too. 

And was doodling in the white space of the monoprints I made the other day.

And it's now time to go to work.


A bird in the hand said...
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A bird in the hand said...

That is so clever, doodling in the blank spaces!

I'm not religious either, but sometimes I go to the Catholic cathedral to light a candle and sit quietly :)