Monday, October 22, 2012

Vacation - possibly next spring

At this point in my life I have lived in the US a little over half my life and longer than the country I was born and raised (Macedonia).  Every year for the past 17 years I've made some un-official plan to go back 'home' and see the place where I grew up, see the peope I grew up with.  And every year I find myself re-shifting priorities so that my trip gets on the bottom of my list. 
I hope this time is different, so I signed up for a whole month off next March/April.  It wasn't the ideal time I wanted off, but it was the only time I could get 4 consecutive weeks off.   My husband can't go, it will be just me and the kids.
My mom already tried to change my mind: 'it's going to be cold during that time.  Why don't you go in the summer?'
My uncle Pavel (who originally planned to go with me if I went in July/August): 'why don't we go to Hawaii or Mexico together.  You'd spend much less money than going back home.'

I value and respect their suggestions, but this is not about them.  I don't not want to find myself one day thinking: 'I should have, could have, would have if I wasn't listening to ______'.
17 years is a long time, it's more than half my life.  I am going 'home'.

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Crazy About Ukraine said...

Good for you, Vesna, for committing to this! I'm very excited for you!!!! : )