Saturday, October 20, 2012


I was getting ready to send some Halloween mail out and wasn't sure what kind of envelopes to use.  Most of the time I use the yellow cushy ones, especially when I am sending something too big for a regular envelope.  But they seemed boring and I decided to try to make my own using brown packaging paper, stamps, bubble wrap and my sewing machine.

Everything was going well until I added the contents to be mailed inside my hand-made mailer and then decided to also use my sewing machine to close it shut.  It was too bulky and I had to keep on trying to move the envelope along.   This is when my finger (the middle finger of all things) on my left hand came too close to the rapidly moving needle, and the needle went down through my skin and came out of the other side of my finger.   Ouch!! 
I moved away only to find out that the needle broke and it was now stuck, a mere millimetar to the side of my nail from the top of my finger, coming out through the bottom of my finger.
I guess I won't be sewing-shut the envelopes.  Some clear tape works much better.

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