Saturday, September 12, 2015

100 Days of Letter Writing

It's been a while since I've blogged.  In April I started a 100 day project.  I heard about it from Elle Luna, so I though I'd give it a try.  You  had to pick something and do i
t every day for 100 days.  I chose to write a letter to someone every day.  
At first it was fun, because it reminded me of the mid 90's when I first came in the U.S, where I constantly wrote letters to my friends and family overseas.  Then the writing letters started to get more difficult as I struggled to find what to write, and to whom.  I wrote more than once to some, and then I solicited on Facebook if anyone would like to receive a letter or a card.
I managed to keep up for the most part.  There were times when I was several days behind, but I'd catch up.
Bellow is a picture of almost all of my 100 letters.

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Joanne (Jo) Luongo said...

I love your idea of writing 100 letters for 100 days. I have a friend you decided to paint something everyday for 1 year. She did it and it was amazing! Thanks for the share.