Saturday, April 18, 2015


I think I have a special connection with birds.  Why or how I can't explain yet.  I am drawn to them, and I think they are drawn to me.  As a child and throughout my life I've almost always had a pet bird, a parakeet.
Last year a raven came in our back yard.  I am sure that it was someone's pet because it was so friendly and stood on my arm.  We spent a whole afternoon together.
A few days ago our cat brought in a baby sparrow.  So OK this bird didn't willingly come to me, but I was there to rescue it.  It was after midnight when the cat brought in the bird.  I had just gone to bed after working till midnight.  I heard my husband calling me and chasing the cat.  I ran downstairs and the little bird fluttered, trying to hide.  I picked it up and nested it in my hands.  It calmed down quickly.  I checked it out to see if it was hurt.  There were no visible wounds or blood.
I decided to keep it overnight and placed it in a box, with a little towel to keep it warm and cozy.  I kept the box in my craft room with the door closed, away from harm.
In the morning it was still alive.  I knew I couldn't keep it and raise it.  I try to feed it, it wouldn't eat. So I placed it in a little bird house I've had for a long time.  It was made of a small gourd and the baby sparrow fit in just right.  I took it out and tied it up to a tree where I have another bird feeder.  It took several hours for the baby sparrow to get the courage to get out of the nest, but it did.  It perched itself on a near by branch.  It sat there silently for another couple hours and then it was gone.  I hope it found its flock.
This picture my husband took of the sparrow in my hands.

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